New Balance NX980 GPS Trainer Heart Rate Monitor & Watch

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New Balance NX980 GPS Trainer Heart Rate Monitor & Watch

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Take your training and workouts to the next level with the New Balance NX980 GPS Trainer plus Software. The trainer includes a heart-rate monitor, GPS watch, and computer software so you can efficiently plan and execute your training, as well as monitor and analyze your progress. With the included chest strap, you are able to monitor your heart rate with ECG accuracy, and can also set target heart rate zones with alerts. The watch is equipped with a number of time-keeping and stopwatch features, allowing you to view the time, day, and date and set alarms; time laps, intervals, and workouts. The GPS technology allows you to track distance as well as time, so you're able to also monitor pace, speed, lap and interval distances, averages, and allows you to set automatic laps and intervals based on either time or distance. Visual and audible alerts keep you aware of where you are in your workout so you don't have to stare down at your watch to find out. The memory allows you to recall workout and lap data if you want to refer back to compare times and distances, and you can download data into the included computer software for long-term tracking and analysis. The watch has both running and cycling settings with customizable display options for each setting. The watch (minus the chest strap) is water-resistant, so you can time laps and track distances while lap swimming as well.

  • GPS: Monitors speed, distance, pace
  • Digital Heart Rate Monitor
  • Chronograph: Workout mode-Range 100 hour
  • 6 Customizable Interval Timers
  • Time, Day, Date, Alarm