Mio Drive + Petite Heart Rate Monitor Watch - Women's

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Mio Drive + Petite Heart Rate Monitor Watch - Women's

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The MIO Drive + Petite Heart Rate Monitor Watch is a smaller model of the standard MIO Drive Monitor, and offers all the same features and benefits, just in a smaller package. This device is a perfect companion for fitness enthusiasts and lets you maximize your workouts with a precise monitoring of your heart rate. It offers features such as percentage of maximum heart rate based on age and gender, resting heart rate, calories burned, and MIO's 3,500 Calorie Countdown. It also features a backlit display, daily alarm, and offers count-up, countdown, warm-up, and repeat timers. It's water resistant up to 30 meters and uses replaceable batteries. MIO is the world's first ECG Accurate Strapless Heart Rate Monitor, giving you the freedom to check your heart rate whenever and wherever you want. MIO makes it easy to monitor your heart rate throughout the day as well as while exercising. No more chest straps! Just accurate and easy-to-understand biofeedback to keep you informed and in tune with your body. MIO's motto: Move. Measure. Motivate.
  • Provides ECG-accurate heart rate monitoring and measures calories burned during exercise
  • Visual indicator of your exertion level based on your heart rate and the personal information you provide
  • Displays the percentage of maximum heart rate you have reached
  • Measures resting heart rate
  • 5 exercise timers include count up, count down, count up with warm-up, walk/run and repeat
  • Digital display shows the date and the weekday
  • No chest strap required for transmission
  • 12/24-hour clock with a daily alarm
  • Compact design
  • Water-resistant to 30 m
  • User-accessible battery hatch

ECG-accurate heart rate without a chest strap Includes 5 exercise timers Smart Touch ergonomic sensor technology Includes alarm and backlit display Utilizes MIO's 3,500 Calorie Countdown Dimensions: 9.5L x 1.25W x .5H inches