Hello and welcome to the Coalburn.com blog. If you have not already read about us, we are a bunch of outdoor enthusiasts who are here to provide you with all of your affordable adventure gear. This is mostly because we wanted affordable gear for ourselves and decided to share this passion with you. We are located in Morgantown, West Virginia which we like to think of as the epicenter for all things awesome.

Within a half-hour drive we have access to class IV rapids, skiing/snowboarding, camping, and some serious hiking/biking. All of the photography you see on the blog and the website has been created by us, our friends, and family while on our own excursions.

You will see different contributors over time who have different experiences and points of view. We hope to capture as many adventurous moments as possible.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a few minutes to check us out. For now we are going back into the mist.

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