A Long Weekend: Cheat Mountain, Gaudineer Knob, and Seneca Rocks

The semester rolls along. Papers get graded and rest is at a premium. So, once again I am looking back at a weekend from this summer that was, in all honesty, pretty darn nice.

Out of the generosity of a good friend, my friends and I have been able to enjoy quite a few weekends  along Shaver's Fork on Cheat Mountain over the past couple years. These trips are always filled with music, campfires, and adventures into the surrounding woods.

Needless to say, many early morning walks are also taken along the river, coffee in hand.

An old railroad grade, now used for scenic tours, also runs right along side the river.

On one of my morning walks, I had the surprise of sitting on the tracks right next to this little guy, a red-spotted newt.
One of the great things about these trips into the mountains is the proximity to a few other gems to explore.
Not five minutes away is Gaudineer Knob, the former site of a fire lookout tower which still offers some extraordinary views. A short trail loops from the parking lot to the overlook through this moss-covered forest.
A longer drive away, down off Cheat Mountain and two the north, is Seneca Rocks. A postcard worthy site in itself. The trek up to the top of the rocks isn't steep, but there're plenty of switchbacks and it is deceptively long. The views are worth it though.
From the top of the rocks, looking south:
A weekend filled with friends, forests, music, and fires -- my kind of time.

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